Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Week in Can Tho Already?!!

I get to live!! Can Tho is simply awesome. I mean there is virtually no night life here but that's ok as I have never been much of a nightlife kind of person. I have been working on my research but have only been ale to get 2 out of 7 interviews. So far what I gathered is that tourism in Can Tho is a failure and sustainability is the last (if it all) thought/worry on the Vietnamese's minds. The days seem to go speeding by now as the deadline for my ISP is approaching! I just gave in my final project yesterday night...thank goodness (one less thing to worry about)! I am enjoying every day that I am with my Vietnamese host family and I know that I will greatly miss them when I go back to the USA. I haven't been using my Vietnamese as much as I should but I realize it is not necessary at this point. However, I don't want to forget what I have learned. The Vietnamese people are so kind and generous (hugs them to me). If I had to live in Viet Nam it would definitely be in Can Tho City (though the sun is sooo hot and when it rains it's pretty heavy esp. during wet season hahaha).
Yesterday I went out with Jenny and our friend Thao. We ate dinner and I made some new friends. I got really excited when I heard someone speaking Spanish so I HAD TO talk to them. Two of the men were from Brazil and one was from Argentina. They are actually playing for the Can Tho Soccer club. I didn't know Viet Nam had money to spend on foreign players! Though apparently, they do! The players were telling me about their lives back home and how by coming to Viet Nam they had a better chance at life. The Argentinian told me that life in Argentina is very hard right now and that the price of food is increasing to the point where it is becoming difficult to buy food... Wow there is so much to learn from others!

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