Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Burma Has Been Hit By a Cyclone - 5 Days Till My Return

Yesterday I got in to Saigon from Can Tho City with Jenni. It was pouring when we got in. It was raining so heavily that it didn't look like we were crossing a street, but more like we were trying to cross a river! Apparently, a cyclone hit Burma/Myanmar on Saturday and I did not hear about it until yesterday. Then when I told Jenni she told me she just found out too and that she was worried because her brother was in Burma when it happened. It is now Monday morning and it seems as though just now America is getting word of it. Thankfully when I woke up this morning Jenni sent me a text message telling me that her brother was ok! Thank God! Tomorrow I give my ISP presentation and I have to make sure to get a couple of binded copies of it before May 10! It's 21 pages, about the minimum which is 20 but oh well! I just couldn't write anymore...
I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM GOING BACK! It's been 3 months already?!!

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Tiina said...

wow. you're almost home. I'm kinda jealous, because i would so love to be on vacation again. I can't wait to see you! What are your plans for once you get back?