Thursday, January 31, 2008 3 comments

And Homesickness Struck

The language barrier is really getting to me and today it hit me harder than ever, with this I also realize that I don't fit in well with my group and this truly bytes. Today at dinner I psst someone off with something that I would usually tell to someone in the States, more like my friends but I apparently offended this guy in my group. I really didn't like the way in which he talked to me. It psst me off but also hurt. Then I started to think about Henry and how even with all my flaws and imperfections is able to deal with me. Even with all my insecurities and my snoring he's happy; this is when I started to feel a pain in my chest and I knew the tears wanted to come. Then I started to think about my mom and how whenever I am down she always helps me to keep going. How she is always so optimistic and how unconditionally she loves me. This experience is definitely helping me to learn to appreciate you guys more. You guys (along with Kesia, crazy Michelle and dad) mean the world to me...and I don't know what I'd do without you. This is a rough time. I am tired everyday (due to jet lag and the intense walking and activity that we have everyday). The only time that I have to talk to everyone is when they are going off to work or are already in classes so I can't even talk to you guys. Today right now it is 9:53 pm and I tried calling my mom at the internet cafe that I am in right now however, the wannabe Spanish music is so freakin loud that she couldn't hear me and I could really use hearing her right now. I know that I have to be strong because I CHOSE this- no one pushed me. I like Vietnamese food and the people, and the city is charming but Jesus crossing the street is like asking to die-seriously(especially at night).

Just to post this I had to walk by myself to the internet café and cross a couple of streets. Imagine that as you cross there is no walk sign and cars and many motorbikes are coming at you and you have to make sure that you don’t run unless you want to get hit. Therefore, one must TRUST that the people riding the motorbike won’t hit you…Nikkia said you know maybe you went to the wrong country- I don’t think it’s right but I think that I should have gone to Japan if I wanted to stick to an Asian country…or even just gone to Central America. I know that I can be open-minded. I love different cultures, foods and languages just ughhh this is so difficult… I just have to try to make the best out of this. I am learning an interesting yet difficult language and I am going to learn a number of wonderful things that I never imagined.

I know that no one but you guys will feel sorry or will care about me and my well being… the kids in the program don’t know me and don’t care about me. We have very few things in common and don’t come from the same state or from the same university. Right now they are doing karaoke and guess what? I didn’t want to go. I wore contacts to dinner today and everyone looked at me odd. They asked are you tired (because I had huge bags under my eyes). They asked why I wasn’t wearing my glasses and if I could see alright. God dammit I was wearing contacts. That is the last time I wear them here. I will wear it to the gym but that’s it! I’ll probably take up Vietnamese martial arts or do weightraining so that I can keep myself busy. You know, I can’t even get someone to go to school with me. Everyone has already broken up into their own groups and I am not a part of any of them... Luckily on my way to the café I found the school, so I will go by myself; It is the university of economics. I don’t need these people because in my heart I have you guys. Maybe I truly am a difficult and ugly person but you guys love me anyway…Thank you for that.

I will try to get online but it is very difficult with my schedule and the fact that to do this means to be on my own.

I love you

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 2 comments

Final Destination: Viet Nam

Currently in the hotel room in HCMC. It's a triplet, meaning that three people are sharing it, it is not glamorous but at least we have beds. The funny thing is when we first got here out room had a huge cockroach in the really gross so much so that I don't think that I could even step on it- so we got moved to another room on the third floor. Then I used up my calling card- the one that is given to us by SIT and I wanted to get another card, or to add money but then there was the language barrier- my vietnamese being non-existent and their english being quite poor. It was at that moment that I think that I began to truly understand what I am up against. Even if it is very difficult I have to do my best!
Monday, January 28, 2008 3 comments

And Then There was Hong Kong

Currently in the Hong Kong airport awaiting our flight to Ho Chi Minh City. We were supposed to arrive at around 11 am today but our plane from L.A. to Hong Kong was delayed, so much so that we missed our connection to Viet Nam. The next plane didn't leave till 4:30pm (which I am currently waiting for). Well it wasn't too was actually for the best. We got vouchers for free lunch and a stay at a nice hotel room for a couple of hours. I got to shower and change and to do some exploring. Though we didn't have a lot of time Duncan, Wen and I decided to venture out to see a bit of Hong Kong before we took off for our flight. These are some of the pictures of our little trip and where we stayed and all that jazz.
Wednesday, January 23, 2008 1 comments

Bills Bills Bills!

Credit cards, student accounts, debit cards, checking accounts, doctor visits, vaccinations, linking of accounts- it's almost over! It is a very tiring thing, taking care of all these things before taking off!
Monday, January 21, 2008 0 comments

Wrong Date

Apparently, I don't leave the 29th...I GET THERE the 29th, which means that I leave on Sunday my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday to her huh?
Feeling kinda nervous about Viet Nam. Instead of being all smiles I have been kinda blah around the house, which doesn't make my parents feel any better...
Come on Emmania buck's only some 20 something hours of travel...