Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Call Me!

Llamenme! 011 84 955274578. Call me here! Henry, Kesia, Mom and all who I hold dear and would like to call me please do; that's my cell. Right now I am in the Central Highlands in Da Lat. Porque es que mama no me llama? Yo le di mi numero y no me ah llamado! Tampoco Henry. Kesia si estas leyendo esto llamame si tienes tiempo o si quieres! Henry call meeee! I miss talking ;___: I love you all! I am having fun now in Da Lat we are about to go to a Pagoda and it is new year's day today. I will put up pictures of Da Lat later when I am on a faster internet connection (back in HCMC). Kesia I corrected my mistake when mommy calls there is NO 0 is front of the 9! Thanks...and I am glad you got into college- good job!


Henry B said...

Hi love! I'm going to call you around 7pm your time today! I really look forward to talking w/ you then =)

Love Henry

Michelle V. said...

Dude, Well see, I miss you so much!! You write a lot so im not going to comment on everything. I am happy that a friend of yours was there to help you through your sickness but I am happy that you are over it. I believe that you got sick because you missed us all to much. I am on a diet and going to the gym everyday so hopefully when you come back Henry will have to fight to take you of of me!!!! Kidding, (love you Henry). Work is pretty monotonous and boring, I want to be a detective now, or a misionary and go all over the world, I dont think I could do an office job all my life.:( Hope you are having a great time and I hope to hear from you soon.