Monday, January 28, 2008

And Then There was Hong Kong

Currently in the Hong Kong airport awaiting our flight to Ho Chi Minh City. We were supposed to arrive at around 11 am today but our plane from L.A. to Hong Kong was delayed, so much so that we missed our connection to Viet Nam. The next plane didn't leave till 4:30pm (which I am currently waiting for). Well it wasn't too was actually for the best. We got vouchers for free lunch and a stay at a nice hotel room for a couple of hours. I got to shower and change and to do some exploring. Though we didn't have a lot of time Duncan, Wen and I decided to venture out to see a bit of Hong Kong before we took off for our flight. These are some of the pictures of our little trip and where we stayed and all that jazz.


Henry B said...

Hi dear!

If you are still in Hong Kong when you get this, find a way to make a local call to this number >_>

8171 3300

It's a Hong Kong number so it should be cheap. Anyway I hope to hear more from you soon!

Love Henry

Kesia Rodriguez said...

hey sista!

see.. im so glad u have made it so far and now im just hoping for the best... well i dont have a hong kong number but i have a regular number..where we really are from lol... 646 316-8409

ps:remember i love u with all my heart!

Tiina said...