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Let's Catch Up and a Lesson on Gratefulness

I certainly have not taken the time to update so I thought it wouldn't hurt to do so (what a good way to procrastinate). This semester is definitely a nice reprieve from the last three semesters I have had at Columbia SIPA. With a Monday -Wednesday schedule I am able to focus on wedding planning and this is a huge help! Last semester I could not focus on it at all and felt really tired. Of course, last year but especially last Fall was tough. My sister had gastric bypass surgery and had a difficult recovery. However, she was weighing over 360 pounds and it was becoming a health risk. Yet, we did not expect it to be such an uphill battle. At one point, she could not keep food nor drink down. I had to take her to the hospital to get an IV put in and I slept on those awful hospital chairs in order to watch over her. All the while I was dealing with mid terms and papers. Oh - and this happened right before Thanksgiving.

Our parents aren't living in the US right now so she really had no one else. Most of our extended family is full of hypocrites who talk behind your back and don't help you, but yet want to take credit when they see that despite this you have managed to become a successful person. Then, I got hit with more problems/worries. My mother's husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Currently, I have a feeling he won't make it till March as he can no longer eat. At least I was able to see him over winter break. However, this means that we need to consider funeral, burial and all costs associated with his inevitable passing.

Today, I had lunch as usual with my friend Sean and he gave me a great idea that may help me cope with all the things surrounding me that I cannot control. I should take the time to write one thing I am grateful for every day. Of course, it has to be different each time but this is an easy exercise that will assist me in brightening my outlook on life. Sometimes we get too swamped or overwhelmed that we forget to appreciate the good things in our lives.

Here goes:

I am grateful for: having a mother who despite lacking a childhood (worked since age 9) and any family support always loved me, encouraged me and never put me down.