Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As Expected, There is a Light at the End of This Tunnel

I knew that if I just kept my cool that everything would be alright. So today I met with my advisor and two of her assistants. Well one is her research assistant, Loc (27) and the other is a recent graduate (undergrad), To (22). We sat down and worked on my questionnaire a bit and then wrote down a tentative plan for this week. It is still a work in progress but things seem to be looking up. I definitely have more data after just today. Today we went to Phu Sa (an island), we interviewed someone there as well as at the travel company Vietravel (Can Tho branch office). Later at 4pm we will interview someone at Saigon Cantho Tourist. It should be interesting as they are a state owned tourist agency. I must say that the distinction between the private agencies and the government agencies must be made as the differences between them seem to be great. Tomorrow I leave at 5:30 am for one of the “floating markets’. I will talk to a rower and probably some of the vendors (along with me buying fruit). Then we will go to My Khanh village fruit garden and probably talk to some tour operators and maybe a manager if it is possible.
“My assistants” are quite friendly, helpful and nice. However, I think both of them may have crushes on me! Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT conceited or think of myself like that. However, I KNOW when a guy is hitting on me even if its subtle. To kept mentioning how I looked so beautiful with Non La (Vietnamese conical hat). When I asked Loc about what he does for fun, he just sounded like a workaholic. So I asked him why he doesn’t go out with friends or something like that. He said it would be nice to take a girlfriend to ice cream. I said well why don’t you do that? Well he has no girlfriend….and he then goes and says, 'I didn’t get your phone number. I need it so I can call you if we go out'. HAHHAA!! Why am I even discussing this? Maybe I found it cute and amusing…I don’t know. Oh the hearts of young Vietnamese men! Here are some pictures of today’s research!

I met with the director of Saigon/Cantho tourist and first of all HEARTHROB! HAHA Maybe for once I am being a total girl! In addition he spoke very good English and so I didn't need my assistants to translate for me. Overall, it was a pleasant and I believe very helpful interview.

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