Saturday, April 12, 2008

Forms and Preparation

Yesterday was a very productive day. I met with Tam, one of my contacts. I also met with Angela Thao another of my contacts. I had dinner with her while I interviewed her concerning tourism in Can Tho.

Today I sent Tam my interview questionaire for the department of tourism. There are 3 sections within the department of tourism that I would like to look into and would like to interview if Tam can get me an appt. with a person in each respective department. I also sent Co Thanh my IRB form and ISP site form (all part of the protocol).

Later today I am going kite flying with my host mom and after that (at 6pm) I will go to Jenny's Host Mom's house to help Vietnamese students with their English (service learning as Co Thanh would say!). Things seem to be going alright for now. I am still a bit anxious about all of this (the interviews and the writing of my ISP). Let's hope this feeling will dissipate and that it will be filled with confidence by the end of the week!

P.S. This post was posted by Henry. Thank you! =D

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