Thursday, May 15, 2008 1 comments

Back Home!

I am back in the states yay! I am really happy but I also feel a little strange. I am pretty much back to doing what I used to do. I am back to my "normal" routine. Yet, things seem so strange! I am currently in Philadelphia as I will probably live her with Henry throughout the summer and if I get this co-op which I REALLY want, I will be here for 6 months. I am pleasantly surprised but kind of scared in terms of how things have changed. My dad is thinking of going back to his country and selling his lands probably next year. My mom actually has a job. My sister got her driver's permit and is taking driving lessons. She is also looking to buy a car. Henry is currently on co-op and actually has become quite serious and kind of old in my eyes. So many things have happened since I have been gone! Apparently, there is a rice shortage? Coming from Viet Nam I have to say that is pure bs. However, there WILL BE a shortage in terms of the market if people freak out and get into a hoarding mentality where then people will buy amounts of rice that they don't need because they THINK there is a food shortage. Funny how the economy works huh? Thankfully eating food has not been a problem. I thought I would get sick or something because I had gotten used to eating Vietnamese food for the past 3 months but then again America is so much cleaner and restaurants have standards here.
I see my parents this weekend. Yes, I have not seen my parents yet but that's because I have a co-op interview in Philly on Friday with the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (gphcc). I am happy to see them but at the same time I don't want to stay there too long. I think I would lose my mind if I stayed there for more than two days. I have gotten used to being away from them and having my freedom. I am 21 years old and I want to continue to do as I please. When I come home what usually happens is that my parents (specifically my mom) are very nice but then after two days my mom tends to lose her cool and things tend to go downhill from there.
I seem to compare a lot of things to Viet Nam; I find this to be very annoying. I am hoping that I am not annoying Henry with it. For the past two days a lot of what I say usually entails the sentence, 'in Vietnam...'.
Life is so much more relaxed here. I mean life in America in general is pretty stressful but when I compare it to the things that I did in Vietnam then it doesn't seem so bad. hmm, let's see how I will be in a few months! However, I must say that since Vietnam I have acquired a level of self confidence and focus that I did not previously posses; It's great! Vietnam has definitely sparked my interest in traveling, to new and 'exotic' places but I have to say that for me, life in America is wonderful.
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 1 comments

Burma Has Been Hit By a Cyclone - 5 Days Till My Return

Yesterday I got in to Saigon from Can Tho City with Jenni. It was pouring when we got in. It was raining so heavily that it didn't look like we were crossing a street, but more like we were trying to cross a river! Apparently, a cyclone hit Burma/Myanmar on Saturday and I did not hear about it until yesterday. Then when I told Jenni she told me she just found out too and that she was worried because her brother was in Burma when it happened. It is now Monday morning and it seems as though just now America is getting word of it. Thankfully when I woke up this morning Jenni sent me a text message telling me that her brother was ok! Thank God! Tomorrow I give my ISP presentation and I have to make sure to get a couple of binded copies of it before May 10! It's 21 pages, about the minimum which is 20 but oh well! I just couldn't write anymore...
I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM GOING BACK! It's been 3 months already?!!
Saturday, May 3, 2008 1 comments

Viet Nam: It is What the Doctor Should have Ordered

"You are a student, why did you spend so much money(10 dollars!)on this hair clip for your mother?"

"Because I can make money at any time but my mother won't be around forever." After saying this which I thought was only natural, I made my homestay grandmother cry (she was so touched).

I think Viet Nam may have made me into a more considerate and kind person. I am finally starting to like the type of person that I am becoming. I suppose three and a half months away from home and being in a foreign country where you learn to speak the language because English simply won't do can do that to a person.

I am so excited to see my parents, my sister, henry and all of my friends!
8 days and 14 hours until my scheduled return to the states!