Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Semester - Done!

I wanted to update this blog more often but alas I was not very good about because of school. Until I came to Columbia you know, I never understood the meaning behind a vacation. After 2 weeks I usually wanted to go back to school and I didn't really ENJOY my breaks. For the first time in my life I can say, this is not the case. I have never been worked so hard in my life and I finally understand why people look forward to vacations! The day that I was done with finals I was in awe. I thought, "I'm really free?!" It felt good! Since Monday I have been seeing friends, sleeping late and going out. What a wonderful feeling!

So to update you on things that have happened. A lot has happened. Well something major. Henry's grandpa passed away last Monday. He was 87 but an awesome individual. He was a survivor of WWII. He was in the US Navy and he survived 5 days at sea when the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Pacific ocean. He was only 19 at the time. I suppose since that time he worked hard to live life to fullest, and that he did. He was a skier, a golfer, a sailor and a traveler. He shared 60 years of marriage with his wife Sandy before he passed away and had 3 children. I was very glad to have gotten to know him and to spend time with him these past 7 years. He was truly a great person and he will be dearly missed. RIP Donald.

Since Henry's grandfather passed away, there have been concerns regarding his grandmother. She has the early signs of dementia and she must be going through a really difficult time right now. Everyone was concerned about her living alone in her house but we don't want to put her in a home right away because enough change has taken place in a short period of time. Henry and I were asked a while back if we would consider living with her temporarily in the suburbs. After having a long and serious discussion, Henry and I agreed that it would be best and the right thing to do to live with her. We are the only ones who have the flexibility to do this and we really care about her so we are going to do it. It may not be the easiest commute for me to Columbia, but I will be living there for free with Henry and we will be helping a dear family member. As you may or may not know, family is VERY important to me and one of the things that I value the most. As messed up as my family may be at times, I could never leave them in their darkest hour if they needed me. Hence, why they tend to stress me, because I CARE.

Finally, there has also been talk of marriage. Henry's family has been sort of nudging and asking when he will propose. It's kind of crazy to think but he and I have been dating for 7 years and next year I will be 25. Wow, a quarter of a century old. Also, in the summer I will working in Indonesia! How exciting! Looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead. It'd be nice if he actually proposed before I left but everything in due time. I used to be really impatient when I was younger but I have learned the virtue of patience :)

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Ashley said...

0 patience! Get a ring! hahah! Also, glad Cancun went so well! :)