Saturday, May 3, 2008

Viet Nam: It is What the Doctor Should have Ordered

"You are a student, why did you spend so much money(10 dollars!)on this hair clip for your mother?"

"Because I can make money at any time but my mother won't be around forever." After saying this which I thought was only natural, I made my homestay grandmother cry (she was so touched).

I think Viet Nam may have made me into a more considerate and kind person. I am finally starting to like the type of person that I am becoming. I suppose three and a half months away from home and being in a foreign country where you learn to speak the language because English simply won't do can do that to a person.

I am so excited to see my parents, my sister, henry and all of my friends!
8 days and 14 hours until my scheduled return to the states!

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Tiina said...

You are an amazing person! That is so touching. <3 I MISS YOU!