Monday, April 21, 2008

Isn't Field Research Always Like This?

Deep down I know I want to freak out but I will NOT do so. So the people that I was originally counting on to help me were either the wrong people or, they are just extremely busy but are STILL the wrong people to talk to. However, I have met many people that are willing to help me and I believe that I may have found a couple of people who may be the "right" people to talk to. Today I finally met with my ISP advisor. Her name is Truong Thi Nga and she is a professor at the environmental studies dept. Her English is very good (thank God!!!).
Talking to her kind of gave me an idea of where I stand and I may be "screwed" by some people's standards as I only have 20 days left! However, I don't think it's so bad since I just have to figure out how I will react to my circumstances and what action it is that I will take. In the end it seems like the approach I am taking will now be different. I will not talk to travel companies and the tourism dept. but rather tourists and tour guides. It all goes back to "sustainable tourism" in Can Tho just a different perspective and approach. I am sure when this is all over it will all be okay. I just have to keep trying my best to be positive! I just need to write 20 pages (minimum), I can do that! My topic will be interesting and I WILL learn something!! Just through this experience I am learning of how realistic certain research projects can be given the time frame and budget that one has and how research in other countries (or at least Viet Nam) works out. So I am learning SOMETHING. I can't say that this has all been done in vain, otherwise I would be lying to myself. I hope that I am becoming a better person and that it is not the heat that is getting to me. I don't want to think that I am just more laid back because I am too hot!

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