Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emmania is Going to Burma!

Today I had a greatly productive day. I have been working on submitting two book recommendations, my CV and a writing sample to Columbia's International Affairs journal for their 2011 fall/winter issue on totalitarian governments. I am hoping this works out. I will know by Aug, 5th if I was chosen to write a book review on one of my book recommendations.

I also met with my FSO mentor who works in the East Asia and Pacific Affairs bureau at the State department and she is fantastic! I told her that I was torn regarding my overseas U.S. embassy internship for next summer but after talking to her I have decided to go to...BURMA! I know it sounds crazy and yes, the military dictatorship there still squelches dissent and democratic freedoms, but this is why I want to go even more. When I told my mentor that I wanted to return to Viet Nam but mentioned Burma she reminded me that I can go to Viet Nam at any time during my career, but that Burma is a unique experience like nothing else. I believe her. The more I read about Burma, the more I am intrigued by its predicament and sheer beauty. It looks like Asia before globalization took hold and it is breathtaking. This country has been so isolated that it is quite unlike anything in Asia, and not necessarily in a negative way. In addition, I am considering doing my thesis on Burma as my concentration is International Security with a regional focus on East Asia.
Here are some pictures to entice you, in hopes that you will have an interest to visit some day too.

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