Saturday, July 2, 2011

NYC Housing, Financial Woes and a Random Thing or Two

On Thursday night the Rangels watched Empire of the Sun. This movie was really well done but depressing. At least I learned about something I didn't know. It focused on the Japanese internment camps in China where the British were held during World War II. If you have not seen it, I encourage you to watch it. Later that night I went out for a drink to McFadden's with Ashley and Jake. A cute white guy hit on me. I didn't quite know what to do about that...This summer is the first time I am actually going out regularly; I've never really done this "going out" thing before.

I got Friday off because my office is just that awesome. Half way through my internship I feel comfortable around everyone and I think they do with me as well. Their personalities are coming out and I love it! Although I don't see myself in Congress at this time, I think that I will miss this job. Not so much for the job, but more so for the people.

I've been looking for apartments in NYC because I need a place to live while I am attending classes at Columbia. However, I was very discouraged by what I had been seeing. Given that my budget wasn't that large for NYC living, I was looking at rooms yes ROOMS in an apartment with roommates I don't even know that were between $900 to $1100. The other thing was that all these apartments were at least a 20 minute commute to campus despite them being in Manhattan. People keep telling me I have lost touch with reality, even my own dad said it, when it comes to NYC living; Maybe they are right. Anyway, my ever supportive boyfriend told me that maybe I should talk with his parents who live in Manhattan to see if I could live with them and could just help around the house with chores and the like in exchange for housing. Having them tell me they'd be happy to host me was a huge relief! Although my fellowship covers $20,000 of tuition, Columbia is $40,000 a year and I didn't get any additional financial aid from Columbia... I can see how they keep this school "elite". It's always been my dream to attend Columbia but I shouldn't be surprised that although I've been accepted that it wouldn't come without some sacrifices. Thankfully living with my boyfriend's parents means that I can put the money I was going to spend on rent towards tuition which would greatly limit any loans I'd have to take out.

I am starting to feel a little depressed. The reality of my finances is slowly starting to weigh me down. I still owe $40,000 for undergrad, I pay health insurance monthly, my cell phone, part of my mom's debt and just being able to live... Let's just say, I've been eating a lot of sandwiches!

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