Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Ties that Bind Us

So apparently not all was taken care of for when I left for Viet Nam. I worked hard to make sure things that I couldn't pay for before I left could be paid for electronically. I called sprint to make sure that I was on a vacation plan however as ALWAYS they messed up; now they are charging me 122 dollars for a plan that I am not using. The most that I can do from here right now is to email them and hope that I can fix it though I am not in the states. I don't want my dad to deal with this...he shouldn't have to and he doesn't need to pay a dime to these crooks! So right now it's midnight and I should sleep but I rarely get to go online; I needed to check my email, any remaining bills (citibank and stupid sprint), but also I wanted to start looking more into my ISP (independent research project). Anyway tomorrow we are going to visit a center that houses (i think) and helps disadvantaged children. My group and I will bring some necessaries things (toothpaste, toothbrushes) and some not so necessary things (like toys and candy) to them. I hope I don't cry... I really can't believe that so many children are in such a predicament...

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