Monday, May 23, 2011

Survived My First Day @ the House of Reps

The day went by fairly quickly today with the work that I was given. It was my first day but they already had me working on constituent correspondence. I worked on 8 letters and I am sure that with time I'll probably be able to churn out a few more once I have a better grasp on some of the pertinent issues. No one letter was the same and they all had to do with a different topic! Doing my research in order to answer the constituent appropriately was pretty time consuming.

It seems as though everyone is very busy at Serrano's office where I am interning. I didn't see people take many bathroom breaks...and they seemed glad I was there to work on some of the things that had begun to pile up - such as constituents' emails.

Something that I will probably try not to do again is to eat in the cafeteria. $11.50 for lunch? I think not!! I had a nice affordable sandwich that I made myself for dinner. I need to wake up earlier to make sure I bring a sandwich every day to work.

Traveling to work was fine because luckily enough I ran into someone who understood the metro a little better than me, but coming home I got lost! Poor Grant (one of the Rangel fellows in my cohort) got lost with me because he knew even less than I did. However, I am happy to report that we were able to get home within an hour. I will try not to miss my stop or get on the train going the opposite direction next time...

I can't believe I have a floor meeting tonight. Seriously, how old am I? 18?! I think not. What are they going to tell me that I don't already know? "OK kids, don't light your bed on fire and don't bring in any turtles!"

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