Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3rd Week in DC

I am glad that as I have gotten older I have realized how important it is to try not to think negatively of things just because they don't quite go as one would expect them to. We are still in session at Congress but things seemed a bit more quiet today (2nd week). People at the office seem to be warming up to me and I think that's a great sign. Even though they were like robots last week, at least they were always polite and professional. Now they are polite, professional and a little more talkative, yay!

Next Tuesday I am taking the FSOT and will need to schedule the Oral Assessment soon so that I can get a date for that before the end of my stay in DC. The days are busy and long but I feel good. Tomorrow afternoon we get to meet Charlie Rangel! Such an awesome old guy.

As usual, having a blast with the Rangel Fellows. Tomorrow I am also meeting Salvador (one of the Rangels) at 6am. We are off for a 2 mile run before the work day begins - should be enjoyable! It feels great being around smart, young, motivated people -like me! Oh, how I missed this!

This is what I see every morning as I walk in to work!

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