Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We are Dropping Like Flies

Since we have been back from our central excursion more and more people in our group seem to be getting sick. I was sick today (just felt really weak and nauseous) and after lunch slept for a good chunk of the afternoon. Unfortunately, some people in my group haven't been as fortunate as being able to sleep off whatever it is that they currently have. Our illnesses range from cold, mild upset stomachs, to food poisoning and dengue fever. I am especially worried about the boy with dengue because his heart rate has been low and he hasn't been able to eat anything... I can only pray he gets better and that there aren't any complications, such as internal bleeding. This is all a part of the experience abroad, especially in a developing country (some risk is involved). I never realized how clean we Americans are! In America we have so many health standards and things are just generally more sanitary- we complain that we are still lacking in this and that... but really, we have it pretty good!

I now have established three contacts for my ISP, one of them being my ISP advisor. I also have my homestay family's support and will be staying with them while I do my research in Can Tho. I still haven't come up with a focus for my ISP; I have my overall topic but I haven't found exactly what I will be answering. I think that as I talk to more people, especially people who are more familiar with this topic than I am that I will be able to find exactly what I need. In the meantime I am working on my final project and on the parts of my ISP proposal that I am able to at this time.

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