Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Old Capital: Hue City

I am currently in the old capital of Hue where the last Vietnamese dynasty, the Nguyen dynasty ruled. Today we saw the most famous pagoda in Hue which was built by the king. It was said that the king had 500 wives and hundreds of children. We also saw a pagoda dedicated to the king and queen, as well as where a famous monk who burned himself to protest against the Party was buried.

The pic above is a pic of Hai Minh (classmate) and I =)
(Click on the pictures to make them bigger!)

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David said...

We lovrd the pictures and hearing about your experiences EXCEPT the part where you and your friends became ill. It is true that the sanitary conditions in most countries do not compare to that of the USA. However, the inhabitants of the countries can tolerate what is existing in their locale. Food poisoning and water problems run rampant particularly in third world nations but do exist in more developed areas too.
I hope that by now you have finalized you research topic ideas in order that you will be able to stay on task in a timely manner.It sounds like you will get adequate assistance in this assignment/ I know you will do well. Think of it as just another THHS paper. As we both stated THHS prepared you well for things of this nature.
As you know, you continually make us very proud of you. D&T G.