Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cafe and Appearances

I went to see my host family from ho chi minh city for dinner today. It was really nice. I then went with my former host sister Anh to drink some milk shakes at a local "upscale coffee shop" where we proceeded to drink fruit shakes. After that I came back to the hotel where Hai Minh and I are roomies. We conversed on the importance on appearance in the work place and just in general. Knowing that I will turn 21 soon is a big wake up call. So now I am putting more effort into the way I look and today I put on my contacts and some make up (with help from Hai Minh). I think I look very different but it's a welcomed change as people seem to think I look better! Take a look!

1 comment:

Tiina said...

WOW! you look so cute Emmania!


In terms of appearance, I agree that there is a lot of importance in presenting one's self in the best light possible. You only get one chance for a first impression, and people will treat you the way you command them to treat you through your appearances.

That said, you look very sparkley and pretty <3 :D

(i miss you. when do you come back to nyc?)