Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Validation - I am Where I Should Be

Since I can't really share this with anyone because I don't want to sound like a gloating jerk...I feel like I should write it down less I burst. I can deal with not sharing things with people as long as I can write it down somewhere.

You know those moments when you feel validated and know that you're doing what you should be doing? That. was. today.

Today, I went to the Bulgarian embassy with my colleagues and I had a legitimate conversation in BULGARIAN with the ambassador and some of the other diplomats. Here I am, 6 months into Bulgarian training (out of 8 months total of training) and talking about the refugee situation in Bulgaria with the ambassador of Bulgaria in BULGARIAN o___O

The other diplomats asked me if I ever went to Bulgaria which I proudly responded to with a no :)

They said that if I got another 6 months I'd be fluent. What an amazing compliment! It felt good to know all my hard work is paying off. I was OUT for two weeks at the beginning of language training because I had mononucleosis and yet, I am kicking ass! At one point they were worried I wouldn't pass my test, but NOW- they want to see if I can surpass my designated language score.

Can I do it? I hope so. I will certainly try.

P.S. one of the Bulgarian diplomats lived in Latin America and spoke awesome Spanish. Switching between Spanish and Bulgarian was interesting :D

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