Monday, December 1, 2008

Dominican Republic, Paying a Visit to Dad

So I spent 11 days, from November 15th until Nov. 26th in Dominican Republic. The main purpose of the trip was to visit my father. Unfortunately, the internet was no where near as abundant as it was in Viet Nam. I was very anxious before I left for the D.R. because the last time that I had visited I was 7 years old (it's been 15 years). I also have mixed feelings about the trip as I was able to do what I set out to do, which was to visit my father, but at the same time it wasn't all fun and games.

By day 2 my dad contracted conjunctivitis (pink eye) from a family member I suppose and by day 4 I had it too. I couldn't go out when it was sunny, so he and I had to wait until the sun went down so that the sun wouldn't aggrevate our condition. Luckily, my condition lasted for 4 days and not the whole trip. Though, it was also very rainy (more so than I had anticipated), I was still able to see a bit. I went to Santiago, Puerto Plata and the capital, Santo Domingo.

In December, hopefully I will be off to Cancun, Mexico for a week. I am very anxious and excited. I anticipate that it will be an interesting experience.

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